Commission an Icon

Veronica writes/paints in Russian and Greek Byzantine style using modern gouache, acrylic, and traditional egg tempera. She also specializes in developing prototypes for modern Catholic saints.  

Icons in the Gallery are commissioned works, please contact if you are interested in your own hand-painted version. 

Gift certificates available.

*Larger sized, multiple figures, and additional embellishments to your icons to be negotiated.  Price includes a $100 deposit required at time of order. Remaining fee due upon receipt of your icon. **Shipping and handling $18.​

"We really appreciated the beautiful work you did on St. Kevin. We have it prominently displayed on our living room library shelf, next to our Family Bible. It is truly a work of art we will cherish forever."

"The icon is beautiful thank you for your service to the Church."

"The icon arrived . . . we immediately hung it, it just glows! I love the image. Thank you!"

"The icon arrived today. How very beautiful (love the presentation; colors are perfect).  Bob and I will enjoy this very much.  You are a talented artist."

"The icon is beautiful. Such clarity, colors, meaning. Will always think of you. Peace and love"

Words cannot express my joy and gratitude to the Lord for having received this most beautiful icon of St. Anthony, Mrs. Royal. It positively glows, and there is a velvety softness to it.

The icon arrived and is in perfect condition. It is a wonderful piece of art and you are a great artist. It is absolutely wonderful and the painting is outstanding. The icon will have a place of honor in our home... With deep gratitude...